i made a skirt.
and it's not the usual a-line that i used
to make over and over.

i'm smitten by both the embroidery and the lace.
who thinks to make such pretty fabric?

been thinking a lot lately about how my grandma
and my mom used to sew so much.
they could make anything.
my goal: to be able to sew anything...
even my future daughter's wedding dress
{when it comes time for kids, i'm hoping for at least one girl!}

so there it is.
what do you think?

photos by cj.


Netti said...

LOVE your new handmade skirt. That fabric is so gorgeous!! I keep wishing I knew how to sew (I used to make my barbie's clothes, so I must have it in me somewhere still, right?) so I could make my own dresses and skirts. I struggle finding things that are long enough these days.

Dianne said...

I likey it. Now's a good time to take a sewing class. It's too bad your home ec class just taught you how to sew bags and purses. We had to make a dress, or other outfit and we had a fashion show wearing our creation. Oh, man! That was embarrassing for me as I didn't take care on the little things. But I remember the fabric to this day--brown and yellow plaid. Pretty great. You did a nice job, frank.

Dianne said...

What place are you standing in front of?

trinsch said...

absolutely adorable! love it!

i have three boys. i always thought i was a girl's mom type, but chance (or fate) had me re-do that idea.

have a golden day :)

Karen said...

Sewing used to be such a big part of my life, when I grew up we sewed most of our own clothes. My mom is such an exquisite seamstress...she even sewed me a beautiful full length coat and has done many, many wedding dressings! I recently returned to sewing in the form of quilting...I made 3 baby quilts this year. I will be showing them off on my blog very soon. Love the skirt, have so much fun wearing it!

Lindsey P said...

your skirt is lovely. I also am trying to learn how to sew, and it is slow coming!! I bet it feels so good to be proud of somethin you've made.

Vanille said...

Lovely skirt. I really do like your shoes too !

Cassandra said...

I love the shape of this skirt! Did you use a pattern, or wing it? Does it have a zipper closure?

Ann Marie said...

no pattern. all i did was a thick rubberband waist. totally elementary. i don't have the best sewing skills, so i have to keep it simple and most everything i make is patternless. glad you like the skirt! it's one of my faves.