my thoughts on a week


it's been a week i am grateful for:
orchards, falling leaves, change.
before you assume so,
my perfect week has not been void of difficulty.
it's been both breezy and frustrating.

this week i've been loved, challenged, served, hurt, permitted,
stretched, molded, liberated, validated, ignored, and awakened.

thoughts that have come to heart and mind:

sometimes good people do bad things.
sometimes bad people do good things.
you never know who is what.
so love them all the same.

i wished a political opponent good luck.
and i meant it.
strange because i desperately want my side to win.
strange because i want him to be happy as well.

i sing best when i'm in the kitchen.
alone. with no other instrument but my voice.
i'm getting better at singing when my husband
drums along...getting over fears of being "watched"
because when i sing i like to dance around a bit,
and close my eyes to hit the higher notes.

sacrifice is hard. that's why it's a sacrifice.
i'm starting to like the idea of waiting for something better...
better things that i can't even imagine.

cheap is never good.
well-made things and thrift are my new rules.
buy things that are carefully crafted and will last.
this means i hardly buy anything at all,
only when necessary - i do it deliberately.
and i love it.

pushing through walls is hard,
but rewarding.
my wall has been made of insecurities.
i talk more.
i allow myself to be cheesy, mistaken, vulnerable.

this is my week.
it has been perfect indeed.

photos by me. apple hill october 2009.


Jasmine said...

Your wee sounds refreshing. You sound very comfortable with who you are.

I like that you reveal so much about your nature with your words. Often poetry only offers an emotion or an intellect sometimes painting a picture or a scenario, but I don't often feel like I know someone a little better by reading a poem.

Thank you :)

Blog Princess G said...

Your blog is a delight. I've put it in my visit-daily favourites. Thanks for visiting mine and your lovely comment! :)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Love your thoughts Ann.
They brighten my day:)

dbradbury said...
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sarah and james said...

I love this post anna. you are a beautiful person and a beautiful friend.