manifesto monday: be here now


sometimes i get stuck. it's one of those times. i seem to keep running up against a wall. i know the wall well. i yell at the wall. i wail at the wall. i stare at the wall. it just sits there. i try going around the wall. i try pretending it's not there. i try jumping over the wall. i even try laughing at the wall. a few times i've tried to outsmart the wall. it's. still. there.

so today i think i'll make friends with the wall. i'll sit with it. ask questions. tell stories. share. i'll embrace the wall. i'm taking it by surprise...i bet it never expected this! i'm going to sit still and be with it.

don't let your mind get weary and confused
your will be still, don't try
don't let your heart get heavy child
inside you there's a strength that lies

don't let your soul get lonely child
it's only time, it will go by
don't look for love in faces, places
it's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

be here now, here now
be here now, here now

don't lose your faith in me
and i will try not to lose faith in you
don't put your trust in walls
'cause walls will only crush you when they fall

be here now, here now
be here now, here now

lyrics by ray lamontagne.

so, perhaps sitting with the wall was a bad idea? will it crush me if i sit too close? perhaps. perhaps i will just be content to be still today--not making any decisions for the future. sitting with me. figuring it out. or not. perhaps if i just "be here now" something will show up. i'm telling myself to be here now. be here now, here now. because that's just where i am, and that's where i'll always be. this i believe.

{this photo was taken on the shores of lake tahoe just this past saturday. it was a beautiful place. good to just sit and enjoy being outside...more photos throughout the week}


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