oh, i'm bein' followed by a moonshadow...


we wanted to see the moon rise.
so we went to albion basin on a full-moon night.
we hoped to get to the lake,
but started off on the wrong trail...oops!

we hiked up a ways then sat ourselves down on a rock
to chat and to laugh while waiting for the moon.

the conversation began serious,
but somehow meandered toward the humorous
{embarrassing stories of teenage love!}

it was a perfect girls night out.
the moonlight was amazing.
the walk was amazing
{at one point i was shivering with fear as we thought we were about to be trampled by a turned out to be a little badger!}

let it never be said that we take ourselves too seriously.
we laughed at ourselves this night so hard
our jaws and cheeks were exhausted and our stomachs a little more defined.

so grateful for women who love the moon and who love each other!
so grateful for women who can be serious one minute,
and absolutely silly the next.

photos by mo & me. september 2009, albion basin.


Andrea said...

How fun!

holly jo said...

Ann! This looks so so fun. sad i missed it. look at those pretty ladies. i feel lucky to know all of you!

Melynn said...

How amazing. It looks like a wonderful night. So beautiful.

on another note, I have to tell you a little story. The last couple of nights before bed Spencer has told me that he needs to do his "yoga". He lays on his back with his behind and legs against the wall. He just lays there for a while. It makes his back feel better. Anyway, last night we were about to jump in bed and Spence proudly said that he needed to do his "yoga" before we went to bed. I looked at him like, "since when do you do yoga." He read my mind and said, "I learned it on Anns blog." Anyway, I thought is was cute. Mostly because Spencer is the last person I think you would see in a yoga class. i really do think it helps his back though. Thanks!

whit said...

Ann these pictures are amazing!! Always good to have friends to laugh with. Hope that you and CJ will have a great weekend!!!