manifesto monday: same-diff


i have lots of lovely friends. on the surface, we all seem to be so very different. sophie is from france, dreams of opening up a yoga studio, and doesn't care for politics. mo loves to make woodblock prints, works at the farmer's market selling apples and peaches, and drives a little yellow motorcycle. olivia is taking a break from yoga, reads lovely books, and eats lots of black jelly beans (especially before bed). ashley asks lots of questions, has a deep love for farms, and cares ever so much about politics. i love a good story and a good fairy tale, want to write until the sun goes down, cry about, well, just about everything.
it is oh so easy for me to see these surface qualities, and think about how very different i am from others at times. but, it is always very clear to me, that our similarities far outweigh our differences. we are the same:
we want people to take the time to know us
we want others to spend time with us
we hope we can beat inertia, and get out the door
we care deeply about other human beings and their hearts
we are all hopelessly silly, especially when the camera comes out
inner beauty is constant work, and agonizing at times
we dream, dream, dream
some days are absolutely confusing and muddy
other days are fabulously peaceful and clear as spring water
we care about the details, all of them
we believe

the list could be longer, but i'm off to spend time with family. if i take the time to be with others i find out really similar we are. we want the same things, though it may not look like that initially. i am finished trying to be different from others, finished trying to stand out. truly, we will succeed more when we see our similarities. this i believe.

photo by me. august 2009.