i wait for storms...then let them move through me...


are you sick of me talking of rainy days and gathering clouds? hopefully not. i could never tire of emotional weather. it wakes my soul. sunny days are quite mundane if you ask me. they ask nothing of you. it's too easy, don't you think? storms ask something of you. they make you stop to look up. they demand your listening attention with booms and rumbles. you must either slow down and stay in doors taking care of a stressed-out soul, or taking care of your abode because you've put that off too. if you decide to go out, you must prepare yourself: wellies, scarves, slickers, umbrellas. you must be deliberate when it storms. you either slow down to watch the sky and its rain hit the earth or you brave the storm and place yourself right in the middle of it all...feeling every bit of watery nourishment and every whip of the wind. this last weekend we had an unusual bit of cool weather and rain. i'm sad to see it end...we're headed back to 95+ degrees here. so mundane. so easy. nothing to watch, nothing to prepare for. i came across this verse written in the 18th century, and thought i'd share:
O, fearful people, fresh courage take
the clouds you so much dread
are big with mercy and shall break
in blessings on your head.
so lovely indeed. those clouds and storms always end with nourishment and harvest. wonderful things are storms.
this is a photo of me on a cloudy afternoon at our cabin up the weber.


Netti said...

That picture belongs in a frame and in a magazine. Beautiful!!

I do so love storms! Thunder and lightning, the smell of rain! I am anti-wind however. And anti-winter time because I have the winter time blues. Sunlight gives me happiness. But storms really do awaken something on the inside don't they? They always get me in a "thinking" mood. And make me want to listen to Cat Power!