san francisco.


our little trip to s.f. with cj's parents this weekend was
nice and sunny.
with perfect temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
it was indeed a relief from the heat of the sacramento valley.

friday night cj's parents took us to a yummy restaurant on the pier.
i had the veggie risotto.

some sights:
lawn bowling in golden gate park
the twistiest road in the world!

this obsession you all have with cupcakes is contagious.
truly, i was giddy to see these.
this was only my first dessert.
second dessert was delicious vanilla ice cream
to wash that chocolatey cupcake goodness down.

every time we are in a lovely city
i notice how warm people's doorways are...
i start dreaming of living the chic city life.
perhaps some day.

farmers market at the ferry building.
i had farmers market envy to the max.
the variety and the quality!
was wishing this is what my farmers market had to offer.
(i still have a soft spot for my small tuesday market here in sacramento though)

i think i could take photos of pretty flowers and pretty food for the rest of my life and be completely happy.

especially if i could eat all this yumminess, and bring all these bouquets of flowers home with me!

here is the famous "poem store."
"your price. your topic."
he was busy writing when we came around...
maybe next time i'll get my own.

the museum...
we don't have as many photos as i'd hoped,
but i never know when it is appropriate to take photos in a museum.
some times i get away with snapping hundreds of photos,
other times i get in trouble on shot one.
we were camera shy this time around.

our friend, lane, recommended the slanted door.
she was right.
best vietnamese ever!
still tasting it in my mouth and heart.

not too shabby of a location either.
patio still my heart!

i know we missed a whole lot of the city...
any suggestions for our next visit?


Jenny said...


Your photography is simply fantastic. I feel like I am looking through pictures taken for a world class magazine! What a delight!

Kara said...

Isn't that the best farmer's market! We love San Francisco.