Point Reyes Drive


i LOVE driving through Marin County. it's such a beautiful and peaceful place.
i took so many was hard to choose which to share with you.
there's a lot of photos. enjoy!
i couldn't get enough of these pretty yellow blossoms. there were fields and fields of them!

i couldn't believe how many wind-blown trees we saw like this. how powerful the wind is!

the rain and the fog moved in...i couldn't have been more giddy about it!

in the city of point reyes station there is this lovely little general store. i usually just "window" shop and look at all the pretty and yummy things.

just pretty. love the dismal weather more than anything.

beautiful trees, yes?

how would you like to live in this barn in this little valley? what a dream!

i wish this drive could have lasted forever!

ceej brought along his makes the most wonderful photos.

more yellow flowers. just so pretty.

can you see the ocean there in the distance?

we took a walk down to the beach.

at first the rain was simply a mist...

no need for umbrellas yet...

as ceej set up his camera the rain wasn't too bad, but as soon as he was ready to take the photo it started to come down in a mad fit...we continued on with the photoshoot nevertheless. we'll see how the photo turns out (it takes 10-15 minutes just to get the graflex ready for one shot!)

if you come visit us, we'll definitely take you on this drive.

hopefully the weather will be perfectly rainy for you!

i took about a bazillion photos from the car window...there wasn't enough time to stop every 10 feet as i would have liked to.


and, of course, we took a picnic along.

hopefully next time you can join us!


Linds said...

ummm...can I say California? I'm there. Seriously Ann what beautiful photos! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Andrea said...

WOW!! Thanks for sharing. I loved all the photos. I could have looked at hundreds of them. You have such a talent. That made my day.

Jill said...

Beautiful! Breathtaking!

Katie said...

So beautiful! Maegan said...

wow. stunning!!!

jordan said...

oh wow. i started reading and was INSTANTLY swooning over your blog. i'm hooked.

your photos are fantastic, seriously.

whit said...

Those are beautiful both are pretty talented people. thank you for sharing and we just talk about your red boots?!! Love them. Glad to see you so happy with your boy.

Natalie said...

I love all the photos! So beautiful! You two are a perfect couple.