Pet Topic: The Feminine


A full moon on the 13th! How perfect is this?!

So lately I've been fascinated with studying the everything. I have Syl to thank for this...she helped in awakening my kundalini shakti! (every woman should attend her Shakti Spritus can even buy it on DVD now! Lucky us!)

From Syl's handbook we read, "The Moon has long been a symbol of Feminine energy. Artifacts referencing the feminine connection with the moon have been found all the way back to Neo and Paleolithic periods. (In addition, the first human artifacts ever found were Feminine. Items that were used to nurture predate weapons of conflict by centuries.)

"Women are physically connected to the moon through our monthly cycles. These cycles take place whether a woman is menstruating or not, regardless of whether or not she has undergone a hysterectomy or passed through menopuase. Women who are menstrating see the cycle play out each month as the changes manifest in their body." -Shakti Spiritus

In the Spring 2009 Yoga + Joyful Living magazine we read:

"The most fruitful time to undertake cleansing and detoxification practes is around the time of the full moon. The moon tugs not only the waters in the ocean but also those in our bodies, making it easier for them to release toxins. This is also the most auspicious time to begin a spritual practice, particularly mantra japa. The yogis say that gazing at the full moon strengthens the eyesight and the heart. In at least two Indian tribal communities--the Bhil and the Santhal--walking in dew-drenched grass on the morning of the full moon night is believed to infuse the heart with the elixir of life."

This morning I did a japa mandala for my yoga practice, and tried to let the river in my body come alive. Tonight Ceej and I will sit by the river, and watch the moon rise.

Try making a connection to the moon tonight, and feel the feminine goddess that dwells within become empowered.