Happy Birthday Little Mikey!


Yes. That IS who you think it famous little brother...MIKEY! He's standing back-to-back with his good friend, Tony Hawk--you may have heard of him.

Anyway, this post is for the best little brother in the world! Mikey is number 7 of 7 kids, I'm number 6. So we stuck together as the older siblings slowly left us--first, for their friends, second, for school, and third for their own families.

best memories ever

01. creating the "john rambo" club: using large and dangerous knives to make our own bows & arrows, and building underground forts.

02. me protecting mikey from the new bullies that moved in at the end of the street

03. playing outside EVERYDAY

04. Basketball competitions in the backyard.

05. Our basketball collection likely to hold our fortune.

06. Selling home-grown tomatoes in brown paper bags at the end of the street.

08. me watching mikey & friends skateboard for hours on end.

09. listening to Mikey drum "sprit of the radio" and "two step" for hours on end.

10. going to Mikey's jazz concerts...his drumming is SOOOO good!

11. bullet sledding

12. trips to the green cabin and exploring the hidden ponds and rivers

13. summer days at the pool, with grape welch's soda, and our wet bellies on the hot cement

why mikey is so cool!

01. he's the most logical kid in the universe...every parent wants a kid like him

02. he's always done his own thing...which has always been the right thing

03. he's smarter than smart

04. he has facial expressions that would rival jack black's.

05. his sense of humor is always far ahead of its time...he's hilarious

06. he's got dance moves you would never expect

07. his mad music skills are a result of endless, dedicated practice

08. there's no procrastination in his world

09. he has an enormous heart!

(the woman who marries him is lucky indeed!)

happy 25th birthday little mikey!
p.s. the swallows ALWAYS return to Capistrano on his birthday. Mom reminds us every year.