this is the west : no matter how far i travel i will always come back


you might like to listen to this little song while you view our trip to the tetons

i feel as if this was a life-time experience. so happy to have spent my thirtieth here.
if i could perpetually be in one state of heart and mind it would be a state of awe.
i prefer awe to happiness {though who would turn down a moment of happiness?! not i}.
how can you beat witnessing the shimmer of gold leaves with a backdrop
as breathtaking as a sudden and grand mountain range?
and the drive to get there was just as wondrous as the destination. 
fall is everywhere. and it's incredible this year. 

ceej got us a little cabin to stay in to keep us cozy at night.
as much as i love camping it's nice now and then to have
the comforts of running water and a warm bed.
i had my fave veggie burrito for dinner...mmmmm.
we went to bed early so we could wake for the sunrise,
and go for a little hike up the mountains.
can't believe that just a month ago ceej climbed the grand. so awesome.
maybe next year i'll join him. i like him to test out the big stuff first.
{and i forgot to share his photos with you...will have to do that soon}
i left the camera inside of my backpack for the entire second day...
i wanted to say that this was a deliberate decision,
but basically i was too lazy to take it out.
and now, of course, i'm kicking myself for not taking
more photos on the drive or the hike. time travel would be great right now.
but the shots i did get i am happy i did. 

i'm addicted to fall and the mountains more than ever.
ceej and i went for a trail run this morning,
and i had to stop a few times just to take some photos with my phone.
this world is incredibly beautiful, yes? 
i can't get enough.


JR said...

Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
Best wishes

Cassie said...


love the photo of you gazing at the mountains.

and that quote from thoreau? perfect.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of the Tetons. I spent my teenage years on the Idaho side of them, and they will always be close to my heart :)

The Egg said...

so thrilled you made it up here! can't wait to meet up next time :)

the egg out west.

Syl MA said...


Thank you for sharing, my friend

Caroline said...

I love the West and your photos!!

Akvilina said...

Perfect sunset, perfect soundtrack. And the quotes!!! I can't get enough of your pictures! It is possible to see your film photos somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning. Makes me wish I was there. We are planning a hiking trip soon :)

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Truly majestic, too beautiful for words... I love the close up pic of you with your camera. I can't believe you got to stay in a cozy little cabin! - what a great birthday, indeed.


Unknown said...

These photos, that song...perfection. They are so gorgeous and you have me yearning for a trip of my own.

Happy belated - so glad to know it was spent so well.

Ann Marie said...


I have a terrible habit of not developing my film right away...i have about ten rolls of film that need to be developed right now...and ten more that need to be scanned so i can put the film photos up on this blog. hopefully i get around to showing you all my film images soon ;)

Ginny said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the Tetons, I need to take a few days and make a trip sometime soon. Your pictures reminded me how beautiful they are.

Anna Emilia said...

Thank you for taking me there to see that landscape and sunshine with a hint of snow and gold.

stephanie said...

oh my word! these photos are amazing. i really want to see the grand tetons and now i want to see them in person even more!

Cobalt Violet said...

I'm blown away. Incredible photos .. incredible post.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful set of pictures and quotes. Very inspiring! :)

brooke field said...

hi there. beautiful photos. love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

oh so lovely. thank you for sharing these perfect autumn moments with those who might not be able to drive thru the tetons this week. totally made my day!

Jean said...

great photography!

Ava Q said...

You have a wonderful blog. Found it via
will follow you for sure.