i am in love with here. in love with now. in love with this world.


last weekend ceej, marte, and i headed up to the cabin
to relax, to walk in the woods, to fill our bellies,
and to find some peace in a sometimes crazy world.
i think we found what we were looking for.

the mountains' autumn leaves have fallen for the most part,
the last golden leaves softening their grip on aspens & cottonwoods.
watching the wind blow clouds of fluttering leaves
is quite a magical of my favorite scenes of autumn.

day to day it is easy to get lost in the isolation of a to-do list--
so i am grateful for time outside with friends
where i feel my place in this world,
and that i am indeed part of a "family of things."
there are ugly things in this world, but there are infinitely more
beautiful least that's the way i choose to see it today
as i continue my personal journey of finding beauty in a broken world...

i couldn't endure this journey without loved ones & the beauty of the outdoors.

hoping you feel your place in the world today. we need you in our family of things.


Anita said...

Quite a lovely post my thoughtful and true! I'm trying hard to find myself in the beauty and love of this crazy planet. Thanks for reminding me we are in a family of things!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I'm always amazed at how enchanting and truly beautiful your corner of the world is - if you ever start offering retreats at the cabin let me know! ;)


Caroline said...

You never cease to inspire me!! Love your posts always always always.

Humble Alcove said...


Angy is my name. said...

Being a lover of Mother Nature I couldn't love a post more! Your photos are sensitive and authentic. Your words are so true. I was pondering how to get through my "to-do-list" this weekend.... now I know EXACTLY what I want/yearn to do... I'm off to find my place. Thank you!! :-)

Unknown said...

hello there. what a beautiful place you have, your blog and your mountains.

i also believe that "there are infinitely more beautiful things" in this world.

nolitawanders said...

oh my, thank you for this beautiful post, I loved every single photo especially the sheep bottoms :) x

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

beautiful words and images - being outside always seems to make all the stuff that bothers me shrink down to size...and some of it dissolves all together!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words and photos!

kylie said...

nothing beats a peaceful escape outdoors cozied in a wooden cabin. love this. so beautiful, there.